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number system for kxqqhwiiallccre

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 5, 2003, 12:32
i have finally come up with a number system for kxqqhwiiallccre. this
number system is intentionally designed to be difficult (it's sort of
inspired by Jonathan's Telona number system, if that helps...). the
numbers in the "written as" are transliterations of the actual symbols.
column  here are a few numbers:
number     name                    written as
1          puukx                   1
2          mac                     2
3          txiipp                  3
4          macwac                  22
5          macwuukx                2x
6          txiipp mac              32
7          txiippmac puukx         32x
8          mac txiip               2³
9          txiipp maac             3²
10         macwuukx mac            2x2
11         maccxiip puukx          2³x
12         txiipp macwac           322
13         txiippmaac puukx        3²x
14         macwuukx puucxwac       2x2
15         macwuukx txiipp         2x3
16         mac maacwaac            2²²
17         macwuukxmac puukx       2x2x
18         txiipp maacwac          3²2
19         txiipp macwac puukx     322x
20         macwuukx macwac         2x22
1470062034 txiip txip maac txiipp macwac puukx txip txiippmac puukx maac
txiip mac     3³²322x³32x²32

can anyone figure out how to say 2003 using this number system?

Robert Wilson
fanai kabl dala ninl.