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Montreiano Verbs I

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, December 31, 2000, 14:12
This post will start to describe the verbs in Montreiano.  I dont have
them all, so what I dont have will come later.

Verbal endings:

In Montreiano, verbs end in -al, -el, -il. In what I will call Old and
Middle Montreiano, verbs all ended in -ar, -er, -ir, as they do in Spanish
and Portuguese. The change to l reflects a later sound change that
affected final r.

amal - to love
comel - to eat
viuil - to live

Present Indicative - Present Indicatiuo

Very little difference from Spanish or Portuguese at all.

        al                      el                      il
1sg. amo                        como            viuo
2sg. amas               comes           viues
3sg. ama                        come            viue
1pl.  amamos            comemos         viuimos
2pl.  amais             comeis          viuís
3pl.  aman              comen           viuen

Imperfect Indicative - Imperfecto Deu Indicatiuo

        al                      el                      il
1sg. amaua              comía           viuía
2sg. amauas             comías          viuías
3sg. amaua              comía           viuía
1pl.  amauamos  comíamos        viuiamos
2pl.  amauais           comíais         viuíais
3pl.  amauan            comían          viuían

Past Simple Indicative - Perfecto Simple Deu Indicatiuo

These developed similar to Portuguese. The 2sg. form shows the trend for
the drop of /e/ after dentals or alveolars (which wasn't regular within
the verbs ending in -e)

        al                      el                      il
1sg. amei               comí            viuí
2sg. amast              comist          viuist
3sg. amau               comeu           viueu
1pl.  amamos            comimos         viuimos
2pl.  amasteis          comisteis               viuisteis
3pl.  amaron            comèron         viuèron

Future Indicative - Futuro Deu Indicatiuo

Since these conjugations happened before the change of final r - l, they
escaped becoming forms like "amalé".

        al                      el                      il
1sg. amaré              comeré          viuiré
2sg. amarás             comerás         viuirás
3sg. amará              comerá          viuirá
1pl.  amaremos  comeremos       viuiremos
2pl.  amareis           comereis                viuireis
3pl.  amarán            comerán         viuirán

That's it for now. Sleep calls....


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