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Orbis Latinus

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, December 31, 2000, 12:38
Have any of you visited this site before? It's authored by a Zdravko
Batzarov. There's some links that arent up and some that dont work (like
the font ones), but it seems to be pretty good. He seems to have
information up about Spanish, Portuguese, and French. It looks like he
intends to add information about Italian and Romanian. It's quite nice,
and it's helping me decide on the verb forms for Montreiano (by looking at
Portuguese and Spanish). It also looks like he intends to add information
on the reconstructed grammar of Vulgar latin too.

And this may also be fortunate, he has the Appendix Probi, and the
Reichenau Glosses as well (Which would be more useful for a ConRomance
Lang that originates in France rather the Iberian peninsula as mine does).

Check it out:

Oh and Christophe, you wondered in your Narbonósc post reply to me where
the french word for male comes from, well it originates from
"masculi"apparently. So, you were right in that the circumflex  indicates
there was an s in there.


Aunque vengas de rodillas
y me implores y me pidas
aunque vengas y me llores
que te absuelva y te perdone
Aunque a mi me causes pena
he tirado tus cadenas