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Re: Verbs of ingestion (was: aspects / nasal consonants / meanings)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, March 11, 2005, 21:33

Tim May <butsuri@...> writes:
>... > How does one translate "drink" into Qthyn|gai - just 'digest'? >...
That's a derivation of 'digest' + 'water'. The 'water' used as a derivational suffix is more vaguely 'liquid' and is not an argument of the verb, but a modifier of the verb. It would be 'in a liquid way' or for actions better 'as typically done to liquids'. 'digest' may be used without the derivational suffixes to denote both, eating and drinking.
>... > I think the difference between "drink" and _nomu_ is greater than that > between "eat" and _taberu_ - Suzuki notes that in addition to unchewed > rice, _nomu_ covers medicine and poison, in liquid or pill form, and > "pins or rings which children might swallow by mistake". If the > semantics of the Qthyn|gai morpheme correspond closely to those of > Englsh "digest", then it probably doesn't include the swallowing of > indigestible items. >...
Ah. I hadn't noticed that! Maybe I should change it to 'ingest' then to get a closer approximation, as the meaning of the isolated morpheme in Qthyn|gai is really very vague and would indeed include the *ingestion* of indigestible items. :-) ...fixes lexicon entry... **Henrik