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OT: Going to Sea (was Re: OT: FW: Notice of Revocation of Independence)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, December 13, 2004, 0:38
Lots of Seas: Yellow, White, Red, Black, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Caspian,
Barents, China (East and South), Japan, Java, Banda, Ceram, Timor, Arafura,
Coral, Solomon, Bismarck, Azov, Aral, Bering,  Weddell, Arabian, Tasman, and
maybe some I overlooked.

No longer sure which are the traditional "seven", but I suppose the first 7
in my list?

When in Vietnam I knew a Cdr. Cinq-Mars, who appropriately enough, lived in
the "Five Oceans" officers' quarters.
# 1 wrote:
> Two oceans?Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific it makes four.Are English > oceans different of the frensh ones? It makes too much things different > and there are thousands of seas!


Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>