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Re: Brit. pronunciation-- RP?

From:Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon) <dragon@...>
Date:Friday, October 15, 2004, 7:07
Roger Mills wrote:

> At this very moment, the _Diane Rehm_ show on American NPR ( is > interviewing a British author (woman); I missed the introduction so don't > know her social or academic background, but to me she sounds RP or perhaps > Oxbridge with very precise enunciation. In any case, she is very clearly > pronouncing "were" as something between [wE@] ~ [we@].
If I had RealPlayer, I could listen to the show at <>, but I don't, and I have no intention of acquiring it. So I can't comment directly. But in my Australian accent, that would be the pronunciation of _where_ or _wear_. I'm not very good at imagining accents in my head other than those that I'm particularly familiar with, but trying out the sentence "Put them back where they were" I don't find your description *too* difficult to imagine. Adrian.