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demuan 101: pronouns

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Saturday, April 10, 1999, 18:32
Prety self-explanatory, really. Question words go at the start of a
sentence. None of these words ever take an article.

I       king
thou    ling
he      wing    (also she)
we      sking
you     sling
they    xwing

it      tam
them    stam

        1    2    3    4
time    kiki liki wiki ziki
noun    kix  lix  wix  zix
method  kite lite wite zite
reason  kyet lyet wet  zet
place   kiba liba wiba ziba
person  king ling wing zing
plural  s-   s-   x-

Plural of the time row has the meaning of 'these/those/yonder days'.
Plural of noun row is 'these/those/yon'
Plural of place row is 'hereabouts/thereabouts/yon region'

        1    2    3    4
time    now  then wiki when
noun    this that yon  which/what
method  thus           how
reason                 why
place   here there     where
person  I    you  he   who

every-xxx is formed by prefixing bama-
some/any-xxx   "    "    "    "  nani-
no-xxx         "    "    "    "  nene-

Rule One: Question the unquestionable,
ask the unaskable, eff the ineffable,
think the unthinkable, and screw the inscrutable.