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demuan 101:adjectives

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Saturday, April 10, 1999, 18:46
Adjectives don't inflect. Yay! But comparing them is a bugger. Boo!

wing     du saju - he is clever
wing koi du saju - he is quite/fairly clever
wing loi du saju - he is very clever
wing woi du saju - he is too clever


zoi wing du saju - how clever is he?

Note that 'du' is often dropped in informal speech. The form can also be
used to express ideas with simple verbs.

wing koi xabe - he talks quite a bit
wing loi xabe - he talks a lot
wing woi xabe - he talks too much


ling bubu du wau (ming sking) - you are least good (amongst us)
ling bu   du wau (ming wing) - you are less good (than him)
ling      du wau (ming wing) - you are good (just like him)
wing ma   du wau (ming wing) - she is better (than him)
wing mama du wau (ming xwing) - he is the best (amongst them)

zing ma du wau (ming zing) - who is better than whom?

Although the ming clause is bracketed, it is not really optional, although
again, often omitted where obvious or in informal speech. Again, this form
can be used with regard to simple verbs.

ling bubu xabe (ming sking) - you talk the least (amongst us)
ling bu   xabe (ming wing) - you talk less (than him)
ling      xabe (ming wing) - you talk (as much as him)
wing ma   xabe (ming wing) - she talks more (than him)
wing mama xabe (ming xwing) - he talks the most (amongst them)

zing ma xabe (ming zing) - who talks more than whom?


Finally, a comparative verb for 2 nouns.

wing qu wing - He is just like her.

koi - to this (small) extent
loi - to that (big) extent
woi - to that (excessive) extent
zoi - how much ; to what extent

du - to be
xabe - to talk
ming - comparative clause marker
wau - good
saju - wise
de - person