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Re: Strong/weak verbs

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Saturday, August 25, 2007, 10:07
Den 18. aug. 2007 kl. 05.21 skrev Eric Christopherson:

> My book of choice would be Sihler's _New Comparative Grammar of > Greek and Latin_. It does emphasize Greek and Latin, but gives > examples from lots of other IE languages too. It's very detailed > and a little dense -- I find it takes a while to get through. Also, > it's the only large PIE work I've looked at; there might be better > ones out there, or at least better for your purposes.
I've actually got that book. You are right, it does take a while to get through. I didn't know that the IE verb was treated so well there, but it looks promising.
>> I have been thinking that the Urianian verb could actually be >> simplified because they monophthongised at an early stage, losing >> some of the ablaut distinctions. The rest of it might have been >> lost due to analogies. Still I think ablaut adds some charm and I >> think I will retain these remains now, at last in some dialects, >> and maybe add some prenasal raising or similar stuff, taking care >> to be not to imitative of course... > > It can be challenging getting the right balance of inspiration from > other languages without imitating them too much, although it > depends on your esthetics and philosophy regarding your conlang. > Some conlangs I've come up with were intended pretty much as > imitations, and in those cases borrowing features liberally is > perfectly fine.
Of course. But I wouldn't dream of imposing anything upon my Urianians that they wouldn't take on of their own free will. Maybe I am crazy to give my childhood creation so much respect, but it's always amazed me what an enormous cauldron of creativity I was back then. I have kind of looked up to my former self. Maybe if I loosen up a little, I can become as creative again... LEF