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Re: vocab #2.2 - KuJomu

From:Gracie V. <the1@...>
Date:Monday, November 4, 2002, 22:19
Mat McVeagh wrote:

> That is fantastic! I would love to hear about this language.
I'm trying to tell you about it, but I don't know how!
> Will you do a website?
I kinda tried, but I'm apparently not as good at maintaining websites as I am at continuing to say I'll put one up eventually. But... Excel has something that converts everything to HTML, doesn't it? Maybe I'll try that.
> I am just in the process of putting by conlang stuff on the net > myself.
Cool - where is it/where will it be? (you've probably told the list a few times already, sorry for the inconvenience).
> If you get a website with some people you could include your > textbook on there as a download.
It's already available for download; I just didn't want to post the link because it's to the files section of another mailing list. I could also send it to somebody privately... Though I kinda got the impression that it was mostly *nix geeks here, dunno if anybody would want to deal with an Excel file. I tried making a Shoebox file, but that seems to be a little more than I want to get into. I suppose once I play around with it and get it working for me I'll love it as much as I've heard others claim to...
> In fact it should be possible to convert it > to a different format fairly easily.
Ah, there I go not reading ahead again. Yes.
> BTW re African languages and sounds? Lots of African languages have loads of > sounds, including some that no other continent has.
Bleah. Yeah I know... I guess what I meant was "the sounds I think of as "african" currently have running around in my head". I seem to be learning more Twi than anything, currently, and that's already starting to affect things. I think I'll see if I still have a website...