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Re: vocab #2.2 - KuJomu

From:Mat McVeagh <matmcv@...>
Date:Monday, November 4, 2002, 8:57
>From: "Gracie V." <the1@...> > >Roger Mills wrote: > > > >Was I supposed to have done a formal introduction, or somesuch? > > > > That would be nice. But we're glad to hear from you anyway. Welcome!! > >Many thanks :) > >Never really knew how to do the intro thing so I just kinda jumped in. I'm >from >DC (small city on the eastern coast of the US) and my linguistic background >is >primarily spanish (my first but not best language) and english. My >language is >called KuJomu (which means "True Language"). I started it around >1986/1987, >making the writing first for a culture I was writing stories about, and >then >toying with the language. I like to call it more of a "melting pot >language" >than a conlang, because I've borrowed from just about every language I >could >find. Some of it is pretty much pulled out of thin air, but much of it has >definite roots somewhere in the current and ancient world. > >So yes, you did notice some Bahasa Indonesia there :) At least half the >language >is "borrowed" from here and there rather than completely made up; I think >of it >as being a lot like English. I'm trying to avoid too much of a european >sound/feel, though there are some remnants I haven't been able to get rid >of and >still feel right about it. I'd really like it to sound more Africanish, >but I >don't want to do away with too many different sounds. Does that make >sense? > > > Looks like an interesting and well-developed language. > >Thank you! > > > More, more!! > >Oh dear - where to start? I've worked out a constantly-changing "textbook" >but >it's in .xls (MS Excel spreadsheet) form and it's kind of big (747kb). >I've >also scanned a sample of the writing I developed, if anybody wants to see >it >(having scanner problems so it's actually an image embedded in a .doc, >about 50k >or so). The writing is something I'm very proud of; it's completely >phonetic, >and should work so that if one reads it out loud they should even be able >to >hear the writer's accent/how they would say it if they were speaking aloud. >I've used it instead of the roman alphabet for writing just about >everything for >the last decade+, so I'm pretty comfortable with it. > >I would love to share, if anybody's interested - in 15 years I haven't >really >shared with anybody and've had very little feedback, especially from >linguist >types.
That is fantastic! I would love to hear about this language. Will you do a website? I am just in the process of putting by conlang stuff on the net myself. If you get a website with some people you could include your textbook on there as a download. In fact it should be possible to convert it to a different format fairly easily. BTW re African languages and sounds? Lots of African languages have loads of sounds, including some that no other continent has. Mat _________________________________________________________________ Protect your PC - get VirusScan Online