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Re: Lingo

From:Keith Gaughan <kgaughan@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 9, 2002, 23:21
From: Abrigon Gusiq [mailto:abrigon@YAHOO.COM]

> I use it as a varietion on Lingua. I just find spelling out Language > alot of times can be a royal pain. And often I end up mispelling > language due to the nature of the Qwerty keyboard. > > I am trying to basically say, the Irish, Scot, and Manx are having to > find out, to swollow their nationalistic pride, and become > one language, > or die in the process. > All three are dying out, yes they have had a small revival, > but for the > most part they have no real reason to exist other than out of some > nationalistic or anachronistic feeling to make it so.. They have some > literature, but other than Nova Scotia the language is not spoken > outside of Ireland/Scotland (Western?), and Mann. > A nation united, or a fallen nation divided. > > Well, I could say the same about ignoring somethings here as well, but > it is up to you all. The whole She said, he said thing was a lot of > waste of bandwidth. > > Misinformation, hum.. Will have to see if that is so. > > On with the discussion, sadly getting off from the discussion of > CONLANGs. My applogies.
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