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From:Abrigon Gusiq <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 9, 2002, 23:11
I use it as a varietion on Lingua. I just find spelling out Language
alot of times can be a royal pain. And often I end up mispelling
language due to the nature of the Qwerty keyboard.

I am trying to basically say, the Irish, Scot, and Manx are having to
find out, to swollow their nationalistic pride, and become one language,
or die in the process.
All three are dying out, yes they have had a small revival, but for the
most part they have no real reason to exist other than out of some
nationalistic or anachronistic feeling to make it so.. They have some
literature, but other than Nova Scotia the language is not spoken
outside of Ireland/Scotland (Western?), and Mann.
A nation united, or a fallen nation divided.

Well, I could say the same about ignoring somethings here as well, but
it is up to you all. The whole She said, he said thing was a lot of
waste of bandwidth.

Misinformation, hum.. Will have to see if that is so.

On with the discussion, sadly getting off from the discussion of
CONLANGs. My applogies.

aka Morgoth - actually I believe based on actually Gothic roots, but .
will see.

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