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Re: R: Re: New Brithenig words, part Deux.

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, May 31, 2001, 17:39
Raymond wrote:

> I don't know - only Andrew can answer that one. But one must remember, I > think, that Brithenig - for all its apparent Welshness - is a Romancelang. > I guess that since no Romancelang exhibits umlaut, then the i-umlaut > plurals seemed out of keeping - tho I see no reason why it might not have > developed if Brithenig has such a strong Brittonic substrate influence.
In many galloitalic dialects vowels undergo umlaut processes: southern Lombard: cavell /ka'vEl/ > pl. cavij /ka'vij/ Bolognese is particularly rich in metaphonic plurals: sacc 'dry' /sak/ > pl. sécc /sek/ dänt 'tooth' /d&nt/ > pl. dént /dent/ biånd 'blond' /bjAnd/ > pl. biónd /bjond/ våul 'flight' /vAUl/ > pl. vûl /vu:l/ vaider 'glass' /vajder/ > pl. vîder /vi:der/ ciôd 'nail' /tSOd/ > pl. ciûd /tSu:d/ stròlg 'wizard' /strOlg/ > pl. strûlg /strulg/. Luca