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R: Re: new member

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 30, 2001, 12:22
Matt Pearson wrote:

> Welcome to the list, Bart and Adam! You're not the first people to join
> list at age 15. We've even had a couple 14 year olds, I think. That
seems to
> be around the age when people first start thinking about making up their
> languages. I was about 13 when I started serious conlanging, and I only
> there had been a list like this for me to join. Have fun!
BTW, there's my sister (12... 13 in July) playing around with an encoding system looking like a first conlangish approach... indeed she says it is a language. She doesn't know about my secret vice... although she knows I'm interested in languages, so it shouldn't be emulation. Anyway, we'll see... Luca (turning 18 next October - beware, all of you... I'll get a driving license!)


Tristan Alexander McLeay <zsau@...>New member