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Hyperlinking a dictionary to a corpus

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 30, 2005, 23:44
I had a nifty idea I thought I'd share in case anyone
cared to borrow it for their own conlang.

I learn best by example and analogy so when I look up
a word in a dictionary I like to have ready access to
a handful of sentence that use that word so I can see
how the word actually behaves in the wild.

To that end, I've written a program to create my
dictionary page and a sample sentence page from a
dictionary file and a corpus of sentences. It shows a
maximum of 20 sample sentences (number is adjustable)
for a given word and the newer sentences push older
ones out of sight as time goes on, so that the sample
sentences continue to represent the most current usage

Here's what the hyperlinked Elomi dictionary (a work
in progress with a few bugs yet) looks like:



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