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Relational language

From:Ben Haanstra <kof@...>
Date:Saturday, March 17, 2007, 1:18
Hey, first post here for me, only started a little while ago with conlanging.
While my first idea was to make the easiest language, i quickly found out
about ithkuil (btw John Quijada really nice work that you've done!) and
reminded me that I was a picturethinker to begin with, that to say i was
thinking, why shouldnt I try to create a conlang that is based around very
complex object thinking.

For a simple indication to the language, if you say to a group "draw a
chair", not everyone will draw the same chair. Not to mention theres quite a
difference between cultures which could use the terms/words for different
Now think of this, a chair is a "platform" with at least 1 leg with an
uptional possibility back that sides for 3 or an ufo-like surrounding (a
baby/kid chair like a table onto the chair)(1 leg for example at the bar u
sometimes see a chairleg of steel supporting the seat), on top of this,
surface is transparent(no color or such attached), no special lengths to the
parts as well, therefore it can be a bigger chair, etc. you get the idea..

As you see this can be very complex and as a little training for myself to
get it all organized I started off with thinking off superclasses for verbs
(indentification, existance, create, destruct, etc..) and check a list how i
would be able to construct those words with those classes (with some
regularity in it).

> The whole idea behind 'relational' language:
to describe areas/surroundings/fantasy/etc better then before. Language as we speak is very ambigu to me, even using very specific with many adjectives will still make it somewhat ambigu. Next to it all it should be with some short words and easy pronunication(no weird triple C's or odd sounds or clicks) to do it somewhat efficient, as to provide easier communication situations. More professional goals: - Describing maps/routes/surroundings effectively - Describing the placing of things in rooms/places - The relations in a face (i believe this could be a good way to remember faces or to describe) as how they're structured. - The attributes of things, colors, substances on it, placing, angle, strength, mixed, containing, how clothes blend are worn, etc. - Other things which seem to have a regular/relation structure. Hope you like the idea. Greetings, Ben Haanstra


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