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Sounds of Azir on Google Pages

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Sunday, March 18, 2007, 18:09
This Google Pages site sounds like a good place to put large files like
audio samples. I started a page for my languages and music: there's not
much there yet (and most of what's there has been seen before), but some
of the newer members of the list might want to hear a sample of what
Jarda and Tirelat sound like, and these are higher quality sound files
than what's been available before.

Also of interest: I've put up the current version of the Thryomanes 1.3
font, which includes quite a few new characters from Thryomanes 1.2. The
normal version also includes OpenType tables for certain characters. For
instance, you can put a right hook diacritic under the l-with-belt
character [ɬ] to symbolize a voiceless retroflex lateral fricative [ɬ̢]
(which doesn't have its own IPA character). It also has support for some
of the compound tone characters (˩˥, ˥˧, etc.). Some of these features
may require a particular version of the Uniscribe DLL, which you may
have to get from a recent copy of Microsoft Office or from the Microsoft
VOLT archive. I know that older versions of Uniscribe didn't have
support for the Latin alphabet, strangely enough. The bold, italic, and
bold italic versions of the fonts may not have all the characters that
were added to the normal version, or the extra OpenType features. It's
kind of tedious maintaining four different versions of a font when I
mainly only use the normal one, and occasionally a few italic
characters. I may just limit Thryomanes 1.4 to the normal version.