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Re: Chocolate?

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Friday, February 8, 2002, 19:13
In a message dated 2002.02.07 05.36.15 PM, hsteoh@QUICKFUR.YI.ORG writes:

>What do you have for the Indonesian version? In Malay it is "coklat", the >Malay-fication of the English. Not sure if the Indonesian is the same--it >could well be.
In a message dated 2002.02.07 09.52.12 PM, romilly@EGL.NET writes:
>Sama-sama. (It's the same); pre-1972 spelled tjoklat. (It also means >'brown') Apparently also from Engl. My old Dutch dict. gives _chocolade_ >[Sokolad@]
IIRC it is nowadays officially _coklat_ (or even _cokalat_). My Lonely Planet phrasebook reports that both the Malay and Indonesian is _coklat_. But I recall seeing it written either _tjokalat_ or _jokalat_ amongst my Chinese-Indonesian relatives and being pronounced - or "mangled" - somewhat close to [Sokolad@]. (My Chinese-Indonesian relatives seem to be more Dutch-educated than British ;) Incidentally, in Bislama (the national [creole] language of the Republic of Vanuatu, which was once known as the pidgin language Beche-le-mer or Bichelamar), "chocolate" is _joklet_ :) :) :) Seriously... it's _joklet_. Source for this sweet lil info-byte (pardon my deliberate punning in this context) is from _A New Bislama Dictionary_ by Terry Crowley; Pacific Languages Unit, Vila, Vanuatu/Institute of Pacific Studies, Suva, Fiji; 1995; ISBN 982-02-0090-3. czHANg23, Avatar of Sun WuKong, a.k.a. "Monkey," a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Han Chinese" ~ om hung hanumatay rudratmakai hung phat ~ - mantra to Hanuman the Hindu Monkey TricksterGod Hail to thee TricksterGods! IO THEE CHAOSGODHEAD!!! ~ thee Tru Pries ov Existenz iz Ætern'l Warfær & Creativ Playf'llniz~