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Re: Chocolate?

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Friday, February 8, 2002, 5:09
In a message dated 2/7/02 6:38:15 PM, litrex1@YAHOO.COM writes:

>Could anyone give me the translation (or site, if the >script is non-Roman) of the word "chocolate" in >natlangs? I'm doing this for a Valentine's day >project. I've pulled off the 'net: German, Dutch, >Finnish, Danish, Frisian, Swedish, Hungarian, Italian, >Polish, Turkish, Russian, French, Spanish, and >Indonesian. > >Thanks, >Clint
In Mandarin it is 'qiao3 ke2 li2', in Hebrew /Sokolad/, in Breton 'chocolad', in Maltese 'cikkolata' (the c should have a dot on top) [tSikkola:ta], in Basque, 'bonboi', 'txokolate', or 'kokolo' (this one says 'pueril' next to it [it's a French-Basque dictionary], which means 'childish', I believe), in Romanian 'cacao'. The following words are glossed as "(hot) chocolate", so I don't know if they do double duty or what, but here they are anyway: Xhosa 'ikoko' Yoruba 'sokoléèti' (the s should have a dot underneath) Zulu 'ukhokho' Albanian, Estonian, Latvian, Malagasy 'kakao' Croatian 'cokolada' (the c should have a hacek [as should that one IIRC]) Czech 'cokoládu' (hacek on the c) Lithuanian 'kakava' Slovenian 'kakav' I knew those phrase books would come in handy one day :-) Josh Roth, getting hungry