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Re: Rumáno and Còssera

From:Dan Jones <yl-ruil@...>
Date:Thursday, July 20, 2000, 14:14
Roger Mills wrote:

       Strikes me as awfully "good" Romance for a people who've
> had so many > visitors, even if only briefly. Perhaps those furrin influences didn't > penetrate the religious language? Nice, nevertheless, and I like the > spelling.
This is true. The text was written in "High" Rumáno. The Còsserans are fiercely attatched to their romance heritage, and they still consider themselves part of the empire. The head of state is Romulus Augustus, who was the last Emperor of the west and died in 475 CE. However, they still call their language "Roman" and insist on holding to Imperial customs. The ruler of the island is a sort of lifelong president called the prefeito (L. praefectus). The word osilho "help" is not used in "normal" Rumáno, the correct word is saido, from Arabic sáa9id. Here is the prayer in Low Rumáno: Yo faciu shado, o mio dio, que tu mi as faito per adòrarte e fizimerte. Yo faciu shado manteno ala mia impodra e la tua podra, ala mia pobridà e la tua diudà. No es alho dio que tu, lo saido delo perilho. "shado" is also arabic, as in shahada. "fizimer" understand, is from arabic fihim. manteno "now" is calqued on French maintenant. I only started this conlang after looking at a chart of sound changes from Latin to Occitan, BTW, so Rumáno has a very similar "feel" to Occitan in my mind. Dan ------------------------------------------------------------- Lo deu nu preca êl'aisún necoui. God prays at noone's altar. Dan Jones: -------------------------------------------------------------