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Re: The future of Sturnan

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Friday, April 26, 2002, 21:43
Jan sekalge:
Looking for Sturnan texts, I found nothing but a dead link. Can we expect
change in this respect?
I'm not up on my website. Sorry. Yes, it will change. Menga Vospe (Great
Fool) knows I have enough to put up.

And one more question. Sturnan is an indepent Indo-European offshoot,
With one sister language, Hansu, if I understand you well. Is there some
sort of conculture involved? And if not, IF it would have been a NatLang,
where would it have been spoken? Is it a kentum or a satem language? That
of things. Please, elaborate!
Yes. (Yes.) Not yet, but there was for Sturnan once. Probably
southeastern Europe (but I'm just guessing at what I'll do for the
conculture). What do kentum and satem mean?

While making Sturnan, I had almost no idea about how to make it. I didn't
use any sort of system or sound changes. Rather, I just changed the PIE
words to make them sound nice. I like the result more than I think I
would have liked sound changes, but I'll not know.


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