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Re: auf Latein

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Monday, November 12, 2001, 12:57
From: "Colin Halverson" <CHalvrson@...>
> Okay, my mom has a question for you guys. She teaches history in college and > is wondering how to pronounce the name of painting, "Phocion." It was > painted by a French person who studied in Rome in the 15th century. Phocion > can also be spelled Phokion, as Phocion is a Greek army guy. So how do you > pronounce his name? fosion? pokion? fokion?
Depends how you're trying to sound. Oldish Greek [p_ho:kio:n] with high pitch on second syllable, Middlish Greek [fo"kion] or possibly [fo"kon] French I don't know at all, but I'd imagine [fOsjO~n] or [fOsjO~] In English I'd say ["fo:si.An], but I don't know if that'd be right.
> Also, how do you say the latin phrase centum viri and excito?
Classical Latin would be something like ["kEntUm "wiri], [Eks"kito]. Church Latin would be something like ["tSEntum "viri], [Eks"tSito]. Englishified Latin would be something like ["sent@m "vIrI], [Ek"sito].
> Or how about phoenix?
Oldish Greek [p_hoiniks] (falling pitch on the first syllable) Middlish Greek ["fyniks] (IIRC) Modern Greek ["finikas] (dictionary spells it "foi/nikas", so..) Middlish Latin ["fEniks] English ["finIks] *Muke! (who isn't sure about the Middlish Greek either...)