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fuzzy blue monkeys(was Re: .sig)

From:nicole dobrowolski <nd003k@...>
Date:Sunday, November 11, 2001, 23:21
Matt33 froge sionk (wrote):
> Nor Vyääh! Actually, the Vyäähns > have never even seen a monkey as this animal does not > exist in Vaävy'yy.. >
well i'm pretty sure Germans have seen monkeys and if my Deutsch skills have not completely deserted me fuzzy blue monkeys would be: fraumigen blauen Affen (i think... or would it be fraumige blaue Affen... if anyone on the list who knows German would like to berate me for butchering the language [and then send a correction!] i'd be eternally grateful :) fuzzy blue monkeys...shmuli atae muhnkia... jiqek qelek nimmekel...Luddiga blå apor... ..nicole


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