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Re: CHAT: Another NatLang i like

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, June 25, 1999, 1:19
Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
> Boudewijn Rempt wrote: > > Ob conlangs: I've once tried to make a conlang with vowel harmony, > > but it failed quite quickly because I couldn't prevent wrong > > words from entering the lexicon... > > I did that too, altho I had a slight twist, instead of front-back > harmony, as exists in Turkish, I had a height-based harmony, thus all > vowels being high, middle, or low (thus, kitusi, ketose, and ka"tosa" [I > don't remember exactly what the orthography was] would all be possible, > but *kitesi wouldn't). Unfortunately, I don't have my notes on it > anymore. :-( I know of no natlang with that kind of harmony, but I'd > be very surprised if there *weren't*. >
I have a fossil conlang (Knarwaz) with vowel harmony. The main reason why I don't get well with VH is that (like Boudewijn) I can't help wrong words getting into the lexicon. The idea of height harmony, seems almost as limitating (I have to think about this... :). I know the some languages (like Guarani) have nasal harmony to a limited extent. Do you know any other natlang like this? --Pablo Flores