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Re: CHAT: Another NatLang i like

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, June 24, 1999, 12:19 writes:
>Turkish sounds very good, >although some people complain that it is monotonous because of >the vowel harmony. >
I never appreciated Turkish until i heard that one song earlier =). Anyway i think the vowel harmony makes the language interesting.
>Ob conlangs: I've once tried to make a conlang with vowel harmony, >but it failed quite quickly because I couldn't prevent wrong >words from entering the lexicon...
Ob Conlang Topic: Well, i'm not going to even attempt it because the same thing would most likely happen to me! On a tangent, this second conlang i'm creating has a Japanese orthography to it. Sounds intereting, and the verbs are created by adding suffixes to nouns (like the suffix for the infinitive to make a verb, then you add on the tense suffixes to get the conjugations for tense). Not a very exotic conlang but its more of a diversion from my other. ____________________________________________________________________ "Bailando en el fuego con un gran deseo" - India ____________________________________________________________________