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Re: OT: IPA Keyboard

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Saturday, March 11, 2006, 8:32
Emaelivpeith Roger Mills:
> Arthaey Angosii wrote: > > > Weston Ruter has available online an "IPA Keyboard" that lets you > > click on Unicode IPA symbols. It builds up a string of the symbols for > > you to easily copy-paste elsewhere. This site is at: > > > > > > > Hmm, worth a look for sure, maybe a download and a few bucks. It's easy > enough to enter spec.chars in Word by specifying keystrokes, but I've been > writing most of my stuff in Open Office Writer, where it's NOT easy (at > least I haven't figured it out...)
It's not a download, it's an online page. Which makes it very convenient when I'm on some other computer that I can't install on or configure, or when I'm composing a forum post online. -- AA