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Almaqerin News - Web site update

From:Didier Willis <dwillis@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 10, 1998, 14:25
Dear friends,

I have updated my Almaqerin & Sitarwelas web site with a few
new documents (the previous update dated from last July). The major
changes are summarized below.

New documents:

  -- [Module:5] Verbal and nominal aspects

     Description: This Almaqerin module results from a discussion
           with Nik Taylor on the CONLANG list. It deals with
           "aspects" for verbs and nouns, such as inchoative,
           desiderative... and includes a section on verbal and
           nominal comparatives.

     Comment: A draft version of this document was 'hidden' on the
           site since July, and has been largely discussed on the

  -- [Module:7] Prepositions

     Description: The sections devoted to prepositions in the
           Almaqerin Grammar are rather brief and do not present
           the system used in this language consistently. This
           modules is therefore an effort to provide a complete
           account of its peculiar structures.

  -- Ui.mathan anBabel cu dirv anTyesedis

     Description: The Almaqerin translation of the well known
           "Babel" text (Genesis 11:1-9) is at last available.

  -- Language evolution: The History of Almaqerin and Sitarwelas

     Description: An internal history of these two languages. The
           page also features some less developed conlangs I had
           never presented before.

Modified documents:

  -- Sense adjectives

     Description: This module describes how color, scent, taste and
           touch adjectives are formed in Almaqerin and Sitarwelas.

     Change: There is now an additional section "Comparison degrees"
           which describes the formation of comparatives for such
           adjectives in Almaqerin.

Feel free to comment, either on the list or privately.