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Reasonable sound changes.

From:bob thornton <arcanesock@...>
Date:Saturday, January 8, 2005, 7:01
For a language that I am working upon (An old one in
need of revision) I am wondering if the sound changes
I have made are possible.

The orignal phonemes I had were based on letters.
A /a/ Á /a:/ (a-acute) B /b/ C /s/ before front
vowels, [tS)] intervocally, /k/ else D /d/ [D]
intervocally E /e/ É /e:/ (e-acute) F /f/ G /g/ H /h/
I /i/ Í /i:/ J /dZ)/ k /k/ L /l/ [K] intervocally M
/m/ N /n/ O /O/
Ó /o, O:/ P /p/ Q /k_w/ R /r/ S /s/ [S] before /i,j/ T
/t/ [T] intervocally, U /u/ Ú /u:/ V /v\/ X /ks/ Y /j/
before front vowels, [M\] before back vowels, /j\/
intervocally Z /z/ [Z] before /i,j/ Ng /N/
OE /V/ AE /i:/ AU /&\/ eu /2/ ui /y/

First, everyone should know, this is a (very unlikely)
romconlang. It is not meant to be a serious rommie,
but is instead meant to be descended from proto-fae,
so I have some looseness with it.

First great sound change:

Length lost, acute now marks stress.
Initial vowels (excluding long vowels) lost.
/T,D,S,Z,K,tS,j\/ become seperate phonemes spelled
|th, dh, si, zi, lh, ch, yh|
/a/ -> /@/
AE /i:/ remains long, but is not phonemically
different. By analogy, takes acute.
/v\/ becomes /w/ word initially, spelled |bv|
/&\/ raises to /9/
/k_w/ -> /p/
Nasal + Plosive -> Nasal
Nasal + Fricative -> Nasalized Fricative (Yes, I have
an insatiable lust for nasalization. It sounds so

Second great sound change:

Plosive clusters simplify, i.e /kt/ -> /k/, etc.
Nasal-Vowel-Nasal structures leads to Nasal-Nasalized
vowel-Nasal. (not phonemic)
Vowel-Nasalized Fricative leads to Nasalized
Vowel-Nasalized Fricative
/i/ -> /I/
AE/i:/ -> /i/
Intervocalic /k/ -> /x/
Initial H is changed to glottal stop
Word final schwa is dropped
/S/ and /Z/ merge into /S/
intervocalic V /v\/ -> VH /v/

...And that is all I have so far. Does it seem fairly
reasonable? Is anything just completly insane?

-The Sock

"My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

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