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ATTN: Nicole, Regarding tshirts, and Various Other Replies

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Monday, January 15, 2001, 0:26
Nicole, I couldn't reach you via your private mail, so I figured Conlang
would be the next best thing.
Your tshirt info page has vanished from the Web, and I cannot locate your
address.  Therefore, I cannot mail you the money for the shirt I ordered,
but the moment I have your address, I can put the letter in the post.  Thank

Regarding conscripts, YHL, that's a brilliant idea, creating a logographic
script based on my handwriting.  I think maybe I'll do just that for my next
project (or maybe a morphemograph system like Steg's Rokbeigalmki.  How
inspirational!  I can't get over the cleverness of that idea.)