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R: Re: The Court poet in a Balcanic sounding romance conlang

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Saturday, January 13, 2001, 20:47
Roger wrote:

> Eruanno none replying to Luca Mangiat: > > >>Take a look at what I've just done. > >> > >>Tell me what you think! > >> > >><< > >>Puetel e curta > >> > >>(cansuna e Branduardi espirîde de cansunli pruvensali) > >> > (snip VERY interesting verses) > > >Is there a chance you could put an interlinear translation in there? > >Looks cool, but I don't know what it means... > > > > And a pronunciation guide! And a complete historical description :-) > Among the few things I can figure out: apparently the definite article is > suffixed, à la Romanian????
Yup. As for the historical description, I have some ideas. Latina stressed _a_ in open syllables becomes _î_, perhaps pronounced /E/ (MARE > mîra) Some endings: pRomance: My lang: nouns declension: -A -e -AE -i -U(M) -u -I -i -E(M) -a -ES -je verbal conjugation: -O -u -ES -je -ET -(e) -AS -ja -AT -a -AMUS -îmu -EMUS -emu -ATIS -îdje -ETIS -edje -ANT / ENT -u -ARE -îr -E:RE -ér -ERE -ra Luca