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Re: OT: The semantics of "Guns don't kill people" (was Re: OT: Helen Keller & Whorf-Sapir)

From:Chris Bates <chris.maths_student@...>
Date:Saturday, August 14, 2004, 22:13
The problem is, no one is passing judgement on the guns themselves as
evil. Or at least I'm not. I'm passing judgement on the scary people who
feel they need to own a weapon that allows them to kill across great
distances and with much more emotional removal from the act than with a
more close and personal weapon (like a knife). I know if I was mad
enough I could pull a trigger even if I wasn't acting in self defense,
but I'm not sure I could stab someone, because its much closer and more
emotionally involving. I do believe that guns make it easier emotionally
to kill, so they're a very bad thing in the hands of human beings, who
are basically killer apes.
 Sorry for the politics.. I just don't see that the argument "Gun's
don't kill people" works, because I can just say back "No, but guns make
it too easy for people to kill people.". I mean, bombs don't kill
people, and lock-picks don't commit burglary, but I presume the NRA is
not in favour of anyone being allowed to own them.