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Genesis Rediscovered

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Saturday, August 14, 2004, 19:00
While looking for my detailed description of Meridonian (to use in the
romlang relay) I found my long-lost Natece translation of Genesis. As I have
mentioned before, that was my first major conlang translation project. The language
is very limited, as it all must be written with the seven letters used in
Nhatlec (the name of God) , though they can be combined to form more than seven
sounds. Originally, all words were constructed from preexisting words, which
rapidly led to awkwardly long forms such as ennhtlectecna
as well as a great sameness in the words. Later I allowed loanwords as long
as they could be adapted to the 7 letter system. The verbs were also very
underdeveloped, as indicated by the lack of past tense forms in the version below.
Nonetheless, Natece was my primary conlang from about 1962 to 1972 and
continued in use thereafter as a "dead" language used in religious/magical contexts
in aconworld whose primary lang was Meridonian (after 1976).
I give herewith the opening verses of Genesis. The entire text runs 138
handwritten pages, and is probably still my longest single conlang text.  (Though
the whole body of Rihana-ye may surpass it.) The original text did not have an
interlinear; I havesupplied one now to the best of my recollection.
John Leland
(composed c.1970-72)

Chapter 1:
1: Atec Nhatlec techa Nhatlectecna ec tecna.
Beginning God made Heaven and earth.
2: Ec tecna na techana, ec ennhatlectecna en
   And earth no form, and   darkness (?)  on
   tecna natechana; ec natec Nhatlec ecnatechaen en
   surface? of water; and spirit of God move on
   tecna natechana.
   surface?of water.
3: Ec Nhatlec atecha "Nanhatlecna" ec nanhatlecna
   And God     says       "Light"  and light
   was made.
4. Ec Nhatlec tlecen nanhatlecna n(h)a ec Nhatlec
   And God see/judge light good (pure) and God
   clecen nanhatlecna echa enhatlectecna.
   divide light from darkness.
5. Nhatlec atecha nanhatecna, tecnanha, ec
   God      says  light       day, and
   ennhatlectecna, entec, ec atectecnanha
   darkness, night, and morning
   (atec) techa, ec atecentec (atec) techa,
   was made, and evening was made,
   nonnona tecnanha.
   first day.

John Leland


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