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TRANS: I to my perils

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Friday, November 2, 2001, 21:04
One of my favourite poems (others include Steve Rasnic Tem's "Skin,"
Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Kim Seowol's "Chindallae" and "Dulce et
decorum est pro patria mori" by that WWI soldier-poet who *wasn't* Sassoon
or Ruper Brooke and whose name eludes me), by A.E. Housman:

I to my perils
   of cheat and charmer
   came clad in armor
by stars benign.
Hope lies to mortals
   and most believe her,
   but man's deceiver
was never mine.

(There's a second stanza, but I'll translate that next time...)

In manglish Tasratal, this becomes:

mion-xi ilaxar-bu nia-ge ikiuten-to ikio-kyx-ci
[mionSi alatsarPu niaNe ikiutento ikioki"StSi]

nia nia-san-xi cimal-xi exla-asram-xi ytasu-ge aroc-kyx-tau
[nia niasanSi tSimalSi eSla:sramSi i"tasuNe arotSki"Stau]

roxe-rei-xi asram-san-xi yfesrac-aq asram-ru-bu yfesrac-ge
[roSereiSi asramsanSi i"pfesratSax asramruPu i"pfesratSNe akunSeki"Sreiax]

asram-ta-al-xi cimal-asram nia-al-ro-roq
[asramta:lSi tSimalasram nia:lrorox]


mion-xi                ilazar-bu nia-ge
benign.bearing-quality star.some I.action-toward armor.action-with


nia nia-san-xi                  cimal-xi              exla-asram-xi
I   I.ownership.bearing-quality cheat.bearing-quality

ytasu-ge             aroc-kyx-tau
danger.action-toward travel.cause-intended.event-settled

roxe-rei-xi                             asram-san-xi
death.event-in-progress.bearing-quality person.ownership.bearing-quality

yfesrac-aq asram-ru-bu      yfesrac-ge         akunxe-kyx-rei-aq
hope.but   person.more.some hope.action-toward belief.cause-

asram-ta-al-xi                             cimal-asram   nia-al-ro-roq
person.all-share-of-status.bearing-quality deceit.person I.share-of-status

Stress in a word-traffic-jam occurs on the final syllable of the nucleus?
word (the first one *before* all the particles start piling up).  I find
myself pronouncing the stressed syllables with a higher pitch instead of
louder volume, but it could go either way.  :-)  I'm not fussy.

Substantives (or content words) can actually be used as particles (which
is why the above stress rule is useful in speech).  This occurs a couple
times in this translation:


<asram>'s triad of meanings runs like this:
ilasram [ilasram]: adolescent, initiate
ylasram [i"lasram]: child, novice
alasram [alasram]: adult, expert

I've chosen to use the "general" term, <asram>, since it isn't clear to me
that the "charmer" (in "to my perils of cheat and charmer") is necessarily
a beginner or expert or whatever.

Also, I do have a (previously somewhat existent) conculture I might just
give this language to ^_^ and they're starfarers, so the whole poem--since
I chose to translate "stars" literally instead of with some sort of Deity
or Great Force of the Universe--could take on a different cast, with the
"armor" being literal (neutronium from the heart of a white dwarf?).  ^_^

ilazar [ilatsar]: star
ylazar [i"latsar]: ?  (Any suggestions?  It should be an "uncertain" sense.
alazar [alatsar]: light

A related triad of fleeting interest:
ilamar: fire
ylamar: temperature
alamar: warmth, heat

When I get the basic webpage for this done (I should be able to do it this
weekend if all goes well, plus a .gif for the alphabet) I might see about
a sound sample with my godawful pronunciation...

Yoon Ha Lee []

cevan-ge aferun-mas-kyx, yferun-co-roq.
"To find happiness, one should not seek it."