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Assistance please?

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Friday, November 2, 2001, 22:07
...preferably from someone who is good with Japanese, and other stuff too.

The seventh verse of the 8th Sura has me doing mental acrobatics, and
falling off the trapeze repeatedly. In English it is (roughly):

And when Allah promised one of the two bands of the enemy to you, that it
should become yours, and you were hoping that it will be other than the
armed one. And Allah willed that He should cause the Truth to triumph by
His words, and to cut the roots of the disbelievers.

Well, here is how I've worked it out, but I don't know how right this is,
in other words, does it make sense? This is what seemed logical to my

Na  ErutE alaxu-Na      omaEta-ni          tiSijuni-no    sid^ja-taba
and when  Allah-SUBJECT you(pl,inf)-DATIVE enemy-GENITIVE two-C:Groups

xodu-no  Nopo-taba    xodu-?o  amaladadEmata,
gang-GEN one-C:Groups gang-ACC promise-PAST
And when Allah promised one of the enemy's two bands to you,

E?   sE-Na   omaEta-no       naNituq-wa     ESErEbataI
that it-SUBJ you(pl,inf)-GEN property-TOPIC become-CONDITIONAL-DESIDERAT.
that it should become yours (lit: your property)

Na  omaEta-wa       ErErobata
and you(pl,inf)-TOP hope-CONTINUATIVE-PAST
and you were hoping

E?   sE-Na  ixi xodu-wa  wuSaNata-wa orobala?
that it-SUB not gang-TOP armed-TOP   be-CONTINUATIVE-INCHOATIVE
that it will not be (lit: start being) the armed one.

Na  alaxu-wa  xaruaxalita
And Allah willed

E?   xaru-Na        sol^joSako-?o xaru-no   wada-jE      woitasErEba
that he(formal)-SUB truth-ACC     he(f)-GEN word-INSTRUM win-CAUSAT-CONDIT
that He should cause the Truth to win by (lit: with) His words,

Na  xaruta-no EsE-no  mEridEmanaI       taorE-?o mataru
and they-GEN  who-GEN believe-PRES-NEG  root-ACC cut-INFINIT
And to cut the roots of the unbelievers.

Does the above, structurally, syntactically, make any sense?


"Nature and Nature's Law lay hid in night; God said, "Let Tesla be" and
all was light." - B.A. Behrend at AIEE Conference, May 18, 1917

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