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Ng'and'ania for dummies (Was RE: I have a Dream)

From:Elliott Belser <renyard@...>
Date:Friday, July 19, 2002, 15:29
> > >BEGIN QUOTE: > >>Some of you have been around long enough to remember the Conlang >>Traveler's Phrasebook. Well, it has been a while, and I think it >>is time to create the second edition. > >This is >>Section 1. Section 2, about getting lodging and food, will be >>along in a few days.]> > >A TRAVELER'S PHRASEBOOK > >>Section 1: Pleasantries > >>Hello!
Sho'ben'a dahl.
> >Goodbye!
Sho'ben'am dahl.
> >Yes
> >No
> >Please
Em'grag'e ve'...
> >Thank You
> >Do you speak (English/Spanish/French/Dutch/<whatever>)?
En'ab'e (Ang'ania/Esfan'ania/Frandz'ania/Doish'ania/Ng'and'ania)?
> >I don't speak (conlang) very well.
Mah'ng'and'ania oi'em'ab'am.
> >My name is...
... am'galah ben'a.
> >What is your name?
Ama an'galah ben'a?
> >How are you?
Ama en'ben'a?
> >I am well.
Em'ben'a mah.
> >I am not well.
Oi'em'ben'a mah / em'ben'a le.
> >I am the walrus, coo coo ca choo.