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R: Re: Translation question

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 6, 2000, 20:27
Raymond Brown wrote:

> "But experience has taught that this is true, which Appius said in his > verses, that everyman is the fashioner of his own fortune; and [it is] > especially [true] of you who have surpassed others to such an extent that > people are sooner wearied in praising your deeds than you are in doing > deeds worthy of [their] praise" - said Sallust to Caesar. > > Note the archaisms, e.g. _maxume_ for the later _maxime; _faciundo_ for > later _faciendo_.
Eheh... the ol' good Sallust is full of archaisms! The -issumus and the -undus instead of -issimus and -endus are the most common. But nominatives in -os, accusatives in -om and such wonderful things can be found in his production as well. At least his greatest works ('de coniuratione Catilinae' and the 'bellum iugurthinum') are full of them.
> >What's 'addius'? > > Good question. It must surely be a typo for 'Appius'. > > Appius Claudius Caecus [praenomen + nomen + cognomen] was consul in 307 BC > and is one of the earliest known Latin writers. He composed _Sententiae_ > (proverbs) in the pre-classical 'Saturnian' meters in imitation of > Pythagorus' "Golden Verses".
He was a quite famous writer... and, AFAIR, he made build the famous Via Appia, which is, still today, one of the main streets is central Italy. Luca