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new script based on german stenography

From:J. 'Mach' Wust <j_mach_wust@...>
Date:Friday, August 13, 2004, 14:54

Finally, I've finished a first description of my script. It's at the
following page, as well as some samples:

There are two variants of the script. I imagine that the simpler'd have
developed first, and'd still be used for ornamental purposes and for first
teaching. There's no language yet to go with it, but if you think it'd fit
your language you're invited to adopt it (I'd suggest to remap consonants)!

I forgot to mention one peculiarity: The writing direction of the straighter
variant is variable, either from top to down (and - unlike the simpler
variant! - from left to right) or from left to right. For the latter, all
the signs are mirrored.

To people used to the 2 times 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, this script
might seem very difficult. However, I don't think it's more difficult than
Devanāgarī (if we take into account the Devanāgarī ligatures).

The script has some of the features I said last Monday a syllabary for
English might have (similar features are also found in the northern American
abugidas, especially in the Blackfoot syllabary). However, this script isn't
a syllabary. It definitly is an alphabetic script in the broader sense of
that term, though I can't tell whether it's an alphabet in the narrower
sense, an abugida, or an abjad. I'd describe it just as a script where
vowels are represented in another way than consonants (a description that'd
include abugidas, abjads and some other scripts, e.g. German shorthand and
maybe Hangul).

j. 'mach' wust


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