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Anthropomorphic Snow

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Friday, August 13, 2004, 6:02
I'm in the beginning of a major translation project that, in the
second sentence, made me translate the phrase "across the top of the
snow." I've read that words like "top" frequently come from (or are)
the word for "head," so I decided to let Asha'ille do the same (I
already had the word "head," whereas I was lacking "top").

I started thinking about extending the SNOW IS A PERSON metaphor, and
I now have the following tentative list:

* Snow's head: top of the snow, ground covered with snow
* Snow's body: a bank of snow, a large body(!) of snow
* Snow's arms: a massive avalanche
* Snow's hands: a localized, smaller avalanche
* Snow's breath: a blizzard
* Snow's saliva: snowmelt, runoff
* Snow's teeth: icicles

Any other suggestions to add to my SNOW IS A PERSON? Assuming this
metaphor is actually SNOW IS A CRESAEAN (the feline-like speakers of
Asha'ille), then they also have a prehensile tail to work with, but I
can't think of what that would be in terms of my snow-man. :)

I hope that my examples above don't look ridiculous to people who
actually live in snow, but perhaps some of them will give me away as a
native Californian. ;) As such, corrections on my notions of snow are
also welcome.




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