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Hubi Frubiends (was: Newbie Delurking (or decloaking as the case may be))

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Friday, November 16, 2001, 2:54
From: "Nik Taylor"

> Henrik Theiling wrote: > > flausch-hausch-le-fausch ig-hig-le-fig e-he-le-fe blau-hau-le-fau > > e-he-le-fe Aff-haff-le-faff en-hen-le-fen. > > How's this work?
This is major ubby-dub action. Flauschige (of "fuzzy" fame) becomes flausch-ig-e. Original syllable-original syllable minus first letter plus "h"-le-original syllable minus first letter plus "f" flaush-hausch-le-fausch (that the last and the first are the same here is a happy coincidence) à la "Buck, Buck, bo, Buck, banana-rama, fo, F**k, Fe, fi, fo, f**k, Bu--uck." Kou (kou, bo, kou, banana-rama, fo, kou, fe, fi, fo, fo, Ko-ou -----much less entertaining)