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Re: Jovian's Verbs From Hell

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Friday, August 30, 2002, 1:16
--- Christian Thalmann <cinga@...> wrote:

> Irregular haever /"hajv@r/ "to have"
I understand that J's "ae" came from some sort of umlaut process but why is the infinitive also affected? Or is it due to levelling?
> Singular Plural > 1.P hau /haw/ havime > /h@"vi:m/ > 2.P haese /hajs/ havise > /h@"vi:s/ > 3.P haefte /hEft/ haene /hajn/ > > Participle: haente, -is /hEnt/ > > > As always, feedback is gratefully welcomed.
Of course, I always like irregular verbs. I like "haefte" best. Is the "f" in some way derived from the "v" with devoicing due to the "t" of the ending?
> -- Christian Thalmann
Probably the most irregular verb in Kerno is "ir", _go_. PRES. iog vémus /joG/ /vemuh/ ves vez /vEs/ /vED/ ve (m) vens /ve/ /vE~s/ fe (f) iont /fe/ /jont_h/ PAST IMPF. monev monivon /mon@v/ /mon@vond/ " monivaz /mon@v@T/ " vonivont /von@vont_h/ PAST PERF. fu fuamus /fu/ /fwamuh/ fus fuas /fus/ /fu@s/ fu fuont /fus/ /fuont_h/ FUTURE muniso munisemus /muniso/ /munIsemuh/ munises munisez /munIsIs/ /munIseD/ muniset vunisont /munIsET/ /vunIsont_h/ IMPERS monieor /moneWr/ IMPERAT. Pres. Future s. i, vey monio pl. veit monisonto 3rd monea, voneant Participles ACT MID PASS pres. gouazent gouazement past ewyw gouazes "Fer", a form of "facker", _do_ is also pretty irregular; though it's mostly defective. What you see is all there is. PRES. feo fem /feu/ /fE~m/ fackys fez /fakIs/ /fED/ fes font /fEs/ /font_h/ PAST PERF. fi fim /fi/ /fIm/ fis fez /fis/ /fED/ fis fiont /fis/ /fiont/ PARTICIPLES ACT MID PASS pres fent fement past feckes feckes Padraic. ===== il dunar-li c' argeont ayn politig; celist il pozponer le mbutheor ayn backun gras. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance - Get real-time stock quotes