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Word usage in group versus out of group.

From:Abrigon Gusiq <mike_adams61@...>
Date:Thursday, May 20, 1999, 12:57
I do know the word "Nigger" when used by a non-black (Afro-American) is not
a good word to use. But its related word "Niggah" or it self is often used
by some if not many Afro-Americans amoungst themselves.
And often the "Niggah" has to be I believe inflected correctly, I was taught
(or my friends tried to teach me to pronounce it correctly, never quite got
it down, but I am just an Alaskan).

Not using this to offend, this is the only example that comes to mind, but I
am sure thre is others. Just wondering how many other words in languages are
used by a group amoungst themselves, but only amounst themselves, and if
used by others maybe in a insulting/derogetory/etc manner. Any Conlangs have
such a "dichotomy" (sp) (Early in the morning, mental spell/grammer checker
still down).


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