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Re: R: Re: R: Re: Uusisuom's influences

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 21:23
On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, John Cowan wrote:

> Frank George Valoczy scripsit: > > > Actually, Fi. isa" 'father' is Uralic, cognate with Hungarian atya. The > > word for mother is from Gothic; one will note that in Estonian and the > > other Balto-finnic languages the word is ema/ema" > > Which in Finnish, I am told, means "dam" (the mother of an animal). >
afaik that is so (My Finnish is only superficial; Votian is the Baltofinnic language I know best) -------ferko Ferenc Gy. Valoczy Suurt chugunikka peene ahjo suhe et toukka. Virtual Votia - Vaddjamaa Internetaza: railways page: 25kV 50Hz: