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Jehovah vs. kamisama, colors

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 2, 2001, 21:09
From: "Matt M." <matt_mcl@...>
> > I like that. Is it /'kri.sak/ ? > > no, /'Sri.saS/.
Ah. <c> is one of those letters of the alphabet that you never *do* know how to pronounce when you first see it in a language. (What's it got? [k], [s], [ts], [tS], [c]...) [In transcribing Hadwan it's /ts/. I prefer to use a <c> with dot above, but I can't do that to the mailing list.]
> > > I think Yoon Ha might be know the Chinese character > > > for Japn "aoi" (if you can see this ---> Â) > > Then, of course, there are those Welsh words that correspond to 'green' and > 'blue', except that vegetation is 'blue'...
I did a kind of quasi-experiment after reading Berlin & Kay's _Basic Color Terms_ again the other week. I decided for a while to completely dissociate 'blue' into light blue 'sky' and dark blue 'indy' (< 'indigo'). It's a very weird feeling to see colors differently like that--it is I suppose analogous to turning allophones into separate phonemes. My senses had always known the difference, but it's very strange to get the mind to do it. [Beforehand, the carpet was just 'blue'; afterwards it was a bizarre random noise 'pattern' of both colors...] *Muke!