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An interesting case from Quebecois, Jehovah vs. kamisama, a spectre haunting Europe, colours

From:Matt M. <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 2, 2001, 18:04
An interesting case in Quebecois:

qu'est-ce qu'il y a? "what is it?"

/kEski'j^/, in which each phoneme is also a morpheme, for a total of 2 1/3
morphemes per syllable... :)

/k/ = que, "what"
/E/ = est "is"
/s/ = ce "this"
/k/ = que "that"
/i/ = il "it"
/j/ = y  ---.___ "is there" (in this context)
/^/ = a ---'

(Yes, one thinks of interesting things while stumbling half-asleep down
René-Lévesque boulevard at 5:00 in the morning.)


> [snip] > > Sek majar kasamat eblasir in necanen ju in ebla'modat. > [snip] > > What's the function of the Lyanjen apostrophe?
Joining lexical morphemes. ebla (speech) + mod (way) = ebla'mod (way of speaking).
> > Note: For "God, the Lord, etc.," I had to come up with something new, as
> > Shrislia do not have a term for such a personified deity. > > Is there a reason why the tetragrammaton name might not simply be
borrowed, in
> this case at least?
Hm, now that you mention it, this would be a good idea. I've looked at the original Hebrew (available at and they seem to be using yhwh in the original. Well, feel free to substitute "Iáue" for "Crisac" if it seem appropriate.
> I like that. Is it /'kri.sak/ ?
no, /'Sri.saS/. ----
>conlangers of the world, create!
necan'grekacta kasamat, grekte! /ne.San'grek.aSt.a ka' 'grek.te/ necan grek -act -a kasam -at grek -te language create -ist PL world LOC create IMP
> > I think Yoon Ha might be know the Chinese character > > for Japn "aoi" (if you can see this ---> Â)
Then, of course, there are those Welsh words that correspond to 'green' and 'blue', except that vegetation is 'blue'...


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