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Re: Aorist

From:Eric Christopherson <raccoon@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 22, 2000, 8:55
At 01:25 PM 3/21/2000 -0300, Pablo wrote:
>My ideas so far: > >Present: > vange 'I am eating', 'I eat' >vagiath yl si 'I have eaten' <- *'Eaten by-me there-is' > > vagiis ei si 'I am eating' (focus on progressive aspect) > <- *'Eating I there-is'
That's an interesting way to express those, using there-is plus a participle.
>Past: > vagen 'I was eating' >vagiath yl sin 'I had eaten', 'I ate (and finished)' > vagiis ei sin 'I was eating' > >Aorist: > avage 'I used to eat', 'I ate'
I'm not sure if 'used to' would work for an aorist, since aorist is a punctual action. 'I used to eat' sounds to me more of a habitual past/perfective. (In Spanish class I learned that 'used to' is often translated with the imperfect in Spanish.)
>vagiath yl isi 'I used to eat (not anymore)' > vagiis yl isi 'I was used to eating', 'I would eat (and eat)'
Just a note about your word usage here: I think you mean 'I used to be eating' rather than 'I was used to eating.' The first would seem to go with the categories you show, whereas the second would mean 'I was accustomed to eating.' Keep up the good work :)