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Re: word relations

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 3, 2003, 18:37
Mario Bonassin wrote:

> Has anyone put together a list or tree of word relations, to use to create > words for their langs that have that similarity? > > example: Death, Dead, Die >
I have something like this in Kash, which involves (historically) adding (or subtracting) a nasal infix to the medial consonant. It is still semi-productive in the modern language, e.g. tikas 'to see' < *tikat_s tingas [tiNgas] 'look at, inspect' < *ti-n-kat_s modern "reduction" tihas [tixas] 'catch a glimpse of' If necessary, I could create "tiñas" < **tiNat_s or even "tiyas" /tias/ assuming loss of the *k (these would probably be loans from some relative). A similar process creates colloquial forms-- meçar 'to hoist, lift by mechanical means' ambeçar 'a hoist, crane' colloq. peçar 'elevator, lift in a bldg.' via dropping the initial vowel, then "adjusting" the /mb/, which can't occur initially. There was also an old *r infix (also still semi-productive but less used) (ë is *schwa)-- *mamëh not found in modern Kash (it would be **mame) *ma-r-mëh > modern mambre 'brother' modern marem 'male term of affection' probably from a dialect that added an epenthetic vowel to the r-C cluster **ma-r(ë)më, then deleted the original final V.