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Ath aeldhôf-vy!

From:Dan Jones <dan@...>
Date:Thursday, December 19, 2002, 5:07

As the subject line says (in Arvorec), I'm back. For those of you who
either don't remember me or weren't around before I unsubbed, my name's Dan
Jones. I'm the author of several conlangs, among them Arvorec (currently
the most active) and Aredos, which is a non-Celtic, non-Romance,
non-Germanic, non-Indo-Arayan Indo-European conlang ;o). Some of you will
know me from conculture, romanceconlang and celticonlang, but to those who
I haven't met before I'd like to say, "hello" and
"ooh, isn't this a nice place to discuss conlangy things..." ;o)

A few thoughts as well, especially on recent posts in digests:

Jan van Steenbergen wrote:
<<And I know that a lot of people are seriously irritated by the
lenghtiness of some recurring off-topic threads, notibly those about
English phonology/pronunciation. >>

How interesting that I should resub now! This is one of the reasons why I
left in the first place; that and real life meant that I didn't have enough
time to keep up with the messages here. Off-topicality doesn't annoy me per
se, but when it becomes too prevalent it becomes irritating. English
phonoloy/pronunciation threads are utterly tedious too IMHO, simply because
this meat has been chewed over so many times. I also agree with the rest of
Jan's points.

Also, going totally off-topic and thus negating everything I just said, but
out of solidarity for Christophe Grandsire ;o), who wrote:

<<I don't know yet what we're gonna do when Jan and I get married. We've
toyed with the idea of taking each other's name along with our own, but
whatever you do, Grandsire-Koevoets and Koevoets-Grandsire both sound
rather strange ;))))) >>

Well, the way my other half and I got around this (not married in a legal
sense but we still consider ourselves married- we had a pagan wedding and
everything ;o) ) is by taking the first letter of each other's surname and
using it as a middle initial. So he signs himself "Kristopher J Falkus" and
I sign myself "Daniel-Bernard F Jones" (which is a mouthful at the best of
times) or just "Dan F Jones". We thought that Jones-Falkus and Falkus-Jones
sounded a bit, well, odd to say the least. Still that's what one gets for
marrying a foreigner ;o)

Glad to be back,


Pa vezer o vageal e bae Douarnenez e klever a-wechoù un trouz iskis:
         Kleier kêr Is a zo a seniñ dinandan ar mor.


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