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Re: Bootless (was: Who's crazy?)

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Monday, November 19, 2001, 1:05
In a message dated 11/18/01 3:59:29 PM, cowan@MERCURY.CCIL.ORG writes:

<< "Bootless" = pointless, fruitless.  So a "bootless inquisition" is a
session that doesn't get any answers.  It's used in a more famous line from
_Julius Caesar_: "And doth not Brutus bootless [= to no purpose] kneel
[as well as the other conspirators, who are pretending to petition Caesar]?"

"Sleeveless" means the same thing, usually in "sleeveless errand", one that
fails of its purpose. >>

    Ah, much thanks!  I'll change my translation accordingly.  :)


"s&m raSalo SirejsatIm, spAjs Zi v&TIl dZaGagzaZA."
"If it keeps on rainin', the levee's going to break."
        --Led Zeppelin