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From:Jonathan North Washington <lists@...>
Date:Monday, May 16, 2005, 22:40
There's also my wiki, which only recently has any conlang stuff on it,
and mostly just stuff on my conlangs that I converted to wiki from LaTeX
and need to sort through to have any of my conlangs in a state to use at
some point.  There's also an article on conlang relays that I posted to
the relay list not long ago.


On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 21:09 +0100, Keith Gaughan wrote:
> David J. Peterson wrote: > > > I had one--Fanglutsen. I actually did a lot more with it than I > > initially thought I had. I know that there's a page devoted to > > the Ardalang project somewhere, because I just saw it. I > > *thought* it was on the Conlang Wiki, but now I can't find it... > > It might be easier if there was a search field. Anyway, has > > anyone seen the page I'm thinking of? It has a list of authors... > > Oh, wait, I found it: > > > > > > > > Are there *two* conlang wikis? > > Kinda, yeah. Mine was the first, and then Muke's came later. The aims > are slightly different: mine is mostly about the big picture, and about > providing resources on linguistics, conlanging, and tools for aiding > in building concultures, whereas Muke's is aimed more at the languages > themselves. > > There's also a couple of projects on mine such as the > ACollaborativeConlang, and others. > > > Anyway, I was going to just quickly add what notes I had to > > this page, but I found that I had a lot more than I thought. > > When I have time, I'll add them. > > K.